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Surviving Cocksucker

When I arrived in Hamburg just over a year ago, I promptly joined the English language theatre group, The Hamburg Players, and have been doing Improv with them every since.  The Hamburg Players also do three players a year, but … Continue reading

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The Audition Debate

The theatre company that my Improv group is attached to is having auditions for their upcoming production of “Play it Again Sam”.  The members of my Improv group were trying to convince me tonight to audition with them next Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Late Night Improv

I normally do Improv on Wednesday nights but our theatre company has the opening night of their latest production today (Wednesday)  so we switched our class to last night.  This meant I had to do a mad dash from Stephansplatz … Continue reading

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Image via Wikipedia I used to do drama as a kid, in fact it was my entire life from age 7 to 20 when I then moved away from my hometown to go to university and left that world behind.  … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Drama Classes for Kids with Aspergers & Autism

When I was growing up as a kid in the 80s, Aspergers wasn’t a diagnosis, I was just a weird, clumsy and shy child who didn’t make friends that easily and never kept the ones I made.  My parents faced … Continue reading

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